Cycle Buddy wanted for REAL!

Elizabeth • TTC #2 for almost a year with my amazing hubby! Military wife! USAF.?? Alabama Crimson Tide die hard fan! ? Proud mommy of 7 year old Princess!? Pitbull lover, rescuer & advocate!?
Hey y'all, I'm Elizabeth, 27, TTC #2. Cycles are generally 30/31 days. AF due 10/28. I need a buddy willing to keep up on FB too, because I'm on there more often and if I want to talk to someone, I don't want lag time. I'm a night owl. I'm a SAHM to my awesome 7 year old Princess. I am also a MC survivor (2006) and an EP survivor (2008). If your cycle doesn't exactly match mine, that's cool, we can take turns being impatient for each other's TWW.