How long after..

Hello again ladies! I've been reading through this amazing group and can only say thank you for sharing your stories!!!
​How long after your miscarriage did you start trying again?  Doc says wait 1-2 cycles for dating purposes, but hubby and I decided we will start ASAP just to keep our hopes up (also just to enjoy each other's company and not to lose our intimacy). He left it up to me and let me decide. Then he agreed. I have the best hubby! Anyway, I'm not going to use OPKs until after I get a period just bc I know they can pick up hcg and I don't want to get a false positive. I figure we will just enjoy each other and let nature take it's course until we start using OPKs.  
Has anyone gotten pregnant again without having an actual period? I had a D&E so it could be weeks before I get a period. 
​Thanks!! And good luck to us all ❤️