So, I rarely talk to my fiances mom but she shot me a text today, saying she's sending us a package for our son for when he's born, and she's adding a Mother's Day card in it for him with a stamp, to send back to her...

Here's the problem: my fiance had a child with his ex girlfriend, and their daughter was adopted years ago. It was an open adoption. They don't talk, but she will send their daughters pictures via social media. However, I think his mom sends him cards to send her, because they had a child together.

When I asked him why his mom would send him a Mother's Day card.. He said "I don't know... Oooh it's for M.. " then hesitated and said it was to send back to his mom... His ex's name is Megan. Then I said "are you sure it's not to send to your ex? "he got really upset, and left. Then later, asked me to apologize to him for assuming such a thing.

Why would his mom buy a card to send her son, to send back to her? Is it just me... Or does that sound fishy?