Early Testing

I just thought I'd post this to give all of you hope. In the past I've only ever gotten BFPs on the day of my missed period--never before my missed period. However, I was always using cheapie Internet tests that didn't have high sensitivity, so I thought that if I tested early with an FRER that it would show. The first picture is my FRER test from last Wednesday --two days before my missed period. The second picture is my FRER test from Friday, the day my period was due. I for sure thought that I was out --because FRERs promise earlier positives--but that's not always the case. So for all you early testers--(like me!)--don't lose hope! (And try as hard as you can to wait to test until the day of your missed period. It'll save you so much frustration --I had an awful day on Wednesday when I got that negative because I for sure thought I was out).
Sending lots and lots of baby dust your way! ❤️❤️