Valentines day😢

So my s.o and I are watching tv. This commercial comes up for v.d he says well I guess you're expecting something for valentines day huh? Like in this dry straight face& dry tone. knowing we discussed our plans for v.d this week past.( He had said days before hed take me out since i mentioned we never do dates) He continues and says it's just a regular day. i say Nope actually I am not expecting anything. Yes ,you are he says. I said no but it's nice when someone shows thier s.o that they care. But yes it should be every day. A s.o SHOULD show they care in sweet gestures or gifts once in a while at least. A note a ,rose etc.. A surprise at least. V.d is almost like forced like obligated i continued guys have too almost. I said if its like that actually we'll stay home. Like Everday. did I over react? I want to,tell,him then why bother making plans with our friends if you're bitch! I'm sad actually and hurt because we never go,out. So now f*,k,it