Uhh, crossing lines? Wwyd?

I mind my business and try not to judge typically... but...

My friend: deployed boyfriend (she has cheated on him)

My husbands friend: has a girlfriend somewhere apparently, brings other girls around

They met at our place, my husband told his friend to leave her alone out of respect for her bf who is deployed. He said okay.

Well they started texting and hanging out, she told me, but my husbands friend hid it from my husband (who knew the whole time because of me). They swear nothing ia going on, like okay, be friends I don't care, I just don't condone cheating especially not when youre at my house but everyone spent the night and they stayed in our spare room together, which I said NOT to do because my mom sleeps in there when she visits.

Their excuse? Some guy hit on her and she was afraid he'd come in, and he was knocking on the door, so the other guy came in.

1. The door locks

2. It was my husband knocking, the door was locked and they had all of the pillows in there and no one had any outside.

I'm irritated. He's irritated.

My question is what would you think about that situation? Would you care? I'm not having them back over at the same time. That's for sure.