No symptoms

Natalie • 💕👶🏻🌈
I am 5weeks and one day today and my symptoms have been pretty non existent. When I first found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks I had very sore Breast and nipples, cramps( no blood) and bloating, even 4 nosebleeds throughout the days! But now I week later I have no symptoms except very mild cramps, little nausea  and fatigue. I still can't believe I'm pregnant because I now have no symptoms really. Iv taken 3 test all clearly positive and the obvious, no period. I know some doctors won't see you untill at least the 8th week... Am I just one of the lucky ones with little to no symptoms? Anyone else have no symptoms? I'm at a bind here, I'm not worried because I'm not bleeding nor do I have bad cramps or miscarriage symptoms but it just freaks me out because I feel like I should be feeling something lol help!