Help me stay awake?!?

Hey ladies I've got general question about day to day life here. I'm constantly tired like, really tired all the time, and I usually power through but I never really have energy. I've found that some times if I drink an energy drink at like 4pm I'll make it through to put the kids to bed without falling asleep. Do any of you recommend anything that will actually give me energy? Like healthy foods and such. I cook a full healthy meal every night and eat a lot of fruit, what could I throw in there to give me some actual energy? All energy drinks do is keep me awake, while I sit lifeless lay with no energy o get up and do something!! I'm getting tested for some stuff at the gp's like thyroid issues I'm just looking for a quick fix for now āœŒšŸ»ļøāœŒšŸ»