Monday February 8th, my fiance got to see his daughter for 25 minutes before her and her mom went back to Kentucky. Her mom promised not only him but me for weeks that we could/would have his daughter this last weekend (Friday February 5th - Sunday February 7th). When asked about what time we could meet to pick his daughter up, she refused to give her to us because she "doesn't" know her daddy. When I took him to see her before they left, she was in his arms within seconds. She knew very well who her daddy was and she even knew me after only meeting me a total of 3 times due to her mom and step-father not coming to Indiana and not letting my fiance have weekends with her. Now, he doesn't have anything court ordered. So its not like the mother will be in trouble for not giving him his weekends.

My fiance decided the day we came back from visiting her that it was time to take the mother to court for either visitation or custody. He wants to aim for custody which I see fair. I'm 19 and not entirely sure how court works these days but I will stand by his side through everything.

I suppose my question is, what should we do to prepare ourselves for this journey through court?

Sorry for being so long but I need advice. We both do. Thanks in advance, ladies! ❤