I don't know what to think

I threw up at the movies today and got so super dizzy that I had to lay down on a bench. I was so hot but no one else was. I've had a cold for a while, sore throat and runny nose, and intense thirst, especially at night for the past few days. I've been drinking so many bottles of water that my family is scared I might drown myself, like I guess that's a thing that could actually happen (?). Af is 7 days late, but my qualitative blood test was negative when it was taken 1.5 weeks ago. My back hurts and my head does too like if my neck is out of line. So I went to the chiropractor and it helped some but I still have the headache. I took a hpt a few days ago and it was negative. I bought another to try in the morning. Someone help me figure this out. LMP 1/5/16 and suspected O around the 22nd. My temp has been around 95° since childhood (it's normal for me), but lately Its been 98-99°. Ideas? TIA