Giving up :( can't take it

I'm so close to giving up. I just can't take this anymore :( I ovulated today, I can feel the cramping.. Tried to BD with hubby but for some reason he couldn't keep it hard long enough.. (I think he drank too much today, knowing we were on schedule to BD) so there goes our chance! I'm so mad at everything!! Him, myself, my ovaries and uterus, his sperm, God, everything.. I feel so alone! We BD'd yesterday but I'm so sure that wasn't enough - it wasn't enough last month. I had hoped this month we could get all three days from 1st positive opk (yesterday) to maximize our chances but doesn't look like that's happening. I'm not even in the mood to try again tomorrow incase I'm let down again because every thing I've tried doesn't work, BD every other day, BD every day.. Nothing!
Every single month that goes by with nothing is like a sign saying "this is not for you" or "something is wrong with you" - I just can't take it. I've been crying so much I want to give up so badly just so I'm not in this kinda pain anymore.. It hurts :( I want a baby so bad, but it doesn't seem like it's happening for me.. I don't know what to do anymore