Marcellus Marion Tyler ll 💖

Annah • PROUD MOTHER OF TWO !! Married to the loml!!! 22 years old!!!
(Born at 40 weeks 2 days. ) As I was sitting on my bed watching Netflix at 11:30 pm I felt a pop I waited 2-3 minutes nothing happened than all the sudden a gush of water ran down my behind my legs and my front. Crazy water just like in the movies that didn't stop coming, I called my midwifes assistant told her my water broke and I was having contractions 4 minutes apart about 45 seconds long. She told me to come in to make sure my water broke, I come In and it did she checked my cervix I'm only a 2 1/2. But I'm in severe pain. She told me to go home and take a shower so I did. I was kind of upset she didn't even keep me 30 minutes to see if I progressed so I told my self if they get closer together and where I can't handle them I'll just go to the emergency room, so about 2:30 am I head to the emergency room they checked me I'm a 3 cervix very soft they admit me because of my contractions about 6 they give me pain meds and about 6:30 I get the epidural. I'm feeling good at this point. My nurse told me I had 18 hours to go into labor or I'll have to have a c section because of the risk of infection so she checks me again at 11:30 after I napped as much as I could and I'm a 5. She checks me at 1:30 pm and I'm a 7 and at 1:45 im in SO much pain I tell her this baby is coming and she says no way I just checked you and I started crying from so much pain so she checked me I'm a 10 and baby boy is here by 2:04 6lb 11oz 20inches long 💕