I'm going through like a depression like I'm honestly so lonely lately I've been spending my nights at bars and partying and getting drunk and I seem happy to everyone but when I'm alone I'm just sad like when I drink I'm like loving life and so happy and when I sober up I remember how lonely I am. Me and my ex broke up about 7 months ago basically because he lied and cheated for 3 yrs and I had no idea still till this day though he won't admit it and now he won't even speak to me because he thinks I was trying to sleep with his friend which is bs he tried sleeping with me and you know what the fucked up part is he knows his friend was trying to sleep with me and they're still friends so basically I didn't really mean that much to him if he could still be buddy's with someone who tried to fucked "the love of his life" I guess it's good he won't talk to me though because he isn't a good guy. And So I've been seeing a couple guys and trying to get out there again but every guy I go out with is obviously just trying to get in my pants it makes me feel like I'm not good enough to be someone's girl just good enough to sleep with. Like where do girls meet these awesome guys who are ready to settle down? I'm just so sick of the same thing happening to me over and over I can honestly say I've never had a good guy like they're always doing dirt behind my back. Like why can't guys be honest? If I'm seeing a guy but still dating around I fucking tell them I don't lie about it why can't they just be straight up or instead of telling me "oh I'm ready for a relationship" just say you want to get laid like shit it's really not that hard. Stop wasting mine and your time because you're not getting in my pants unless we're dating. I know I'm still young I'm in my 20's but I'm tired of being lonely Idk I'm just sick of men and gettin played over and over.