Am i the only one

The doctor keeps changing my due date lol my first appointment due date was set at June 17 witch they told me dont get comfortable with ( so i didint ) lol then i go to my first ultrasound a couple appointments after that for her to tell me im due June 29 & i stuck with that! Lol i go a couple more appointments and the doctor just mentioned I was due June 17 & told me my weeks so i was just thinking man i was 2 weeks ahead on my <a href="">glow app</a> lol so I changed it! Went back to the doctor last week for an ultrasound ( thinking im going to be 21 weeks the day after ) & she knocked me back to 19 weeks with the due date of June29 lol im just like what the hell lol why do you guys insist on playing with my head nd my <a href="">glow app</a> lol