Disappointed announcement

So I told my coworkers today we are pregnant. Everyone was excited except one girl. She has a 6year old and had miscarriage in December. I literally found out I was expecting two days after her d&c. So I've keep it to myself for 12 weeks now. Well when she heard she stormed out of the office upset then avoided me the rest of the day. She has text me tonight saying she's happy but that it's also hard for her too because it makes her sad about her own loss. I totally get that. 
My point is that when she announced I didn't act like that because I was sad for myself and had been trying for just shy of a year and she had just started trying!!! So I get that it hurts because I was hurt also when it was her. I just think it was over the top and dramatic that she made such a scene and made it about her. Like I kinda felt guilty for even telling anyone. Am I wrong for this???