Stressed out so much going on..

A lot has happened since Saturday a lot I cannot take in all at once but it has messed up my eating my sleeping I threw up yellow with a bit of blood today and I did spot blood as well. It went away and my stomach is no longer hurting I'm afraid the baby might come before time.. Baby's father out of nowhere just vanished because he felt like it he decided to do it 2 mo before my due date and right now I'm having a really hard time trying to be calm I'm very scared and I feel very alone 😔 I also just found out he has an almost 2year old son he has not been there for and literally could careless about him has never even met him now he's doing it to our son this bombshell just dropped out of nowhere ... My main concern right now is how low my belly is and how much the baby has been moving I've had 3 people tell me he will come before time but I just don't know Forsure until it actually happens