Falling 😳

Okay so I'm 23 weeks and 5 days and I've gotten really clumsy lately like tripping on plastic on floors or dropped uncooked noodles which is ridiculous like who trips on noodles. Anyways we have wood floors in the living room and I guess some hair oil product fell on the floor when my youngest sister was doing her hair on the couch and instead of actually cleaning it up with cleaning products she just wiped it up with napkins and I didn't know this at the time. Until I was going to sit on the couch I slipped not only once or twice but 4 times in the same spot and luckily I cough my self the first 3 times but the 4th I was holding my moms baby and I didn't want to fall on him so instead I landed on my right side on the arm of the couch and  not only is my left wrist is hurting from catching myself previously but now my right side is hurting so bad I can't sleep or even sit down comfortably and I don't know what to do and I don't want to call an on call doctor because of something so little. My baby is fine he's been kicking all day long especially when I eat some pineapple lol. Anyway anyone have any ideas on what can help my side pain like home remedies type stuff. I've tried a heating pad but no help neither is ice and I don't want to take any Tylenol only because I get really bad migraines and I've taken a bunch in the past already.