Graphic what happened to me...

Jeana • My boyfriend and I have lost babies and we really want to have one together. We have had three miscarriages and have lost four babies. We were pregnant with twins. Maybe this will help us.
Hi my name is Jeana. I am 30 years old, I'm overweight (obese) I have been active and losing weight, I'm a CNA and I walk a lot but I'm not losing as much weight as I should be. I have always been overweight my whole life, I am really trying to get healthy and be more active. I'm a smoker and I'm really struggling with it. 
I have always dreamed of being a Mom. I was married for ten years and we tried and tried but nothing! Never got a positive test the whole time I was with my husband. I had few boyfriends after and nothing ever happened (with a select few we didn't use contraceptives) I have not been on birth control for twelve years. When I was on birth control I was on Depo (shot) from thirteen all the way up to eighteen years of age.
I met my boyfriend in 2014 and we were official February 19, 2014... We used condoms for awhile then we started to do away with them. September 13, 2014 I found out I was pregnant with an at home pregnancy test. I checked because it felt like I had a UTI but it didn't hurt just lots of pressure in my uterus or around there, lower back pain, mood swings etc. Was my Mothers idea to take a test.  I also got a positive test that was confirmed by family planning. September 26, 2014 I lost my baby and no D&C was done, they said I passed everything fine. It was not painful but heartbreaking. I believe I was around six weeks pregnant when I lost that baby.
Got pregnant again in January 2015 I believe and lost that baby February 13, 2015. I did not go to the ER this time and I had a follow up with an OBGYN February 20, 2015. She looked at me and said I passed everything just fine. She said if I ever get pregnant again to come to her as early as I possibly could and she would see if progesterone would help, they would keep a close eye on the pregnancy.
March 25, 2015 I find out I'm pregnant again. I contact my OBGYN and she prescribes me 100MG of Pogesterone twice a day. My levels are 795...I get my levels checked at a medical clinic and they are good. They are climbing fast but I can't remember what my last level but remember it being in the thousands. April 15, 2015 I see my OBGYN and everything looks good, it's too early for a heartbeat they are estimating I am six weeks or so.
May 6, 2015 I go to have an ultrasound done. They cannot do a normal ultrasound they can't seem to see that well. She orders a transvaginal ultrasound... The tech asks my boyfriend and I if we were doing <a href="">IVF</a> or something else... We replied no of course... Twins. 
May 12, 2015 early in the morning 2:40 am I start getting cramps. The cramps get so bad I cannot stand it, I go to the bathroom and see some blood so I wake my Mom and my boyfriend up. We are in the bathroom and I start to bleed really bad, blood on the floor, all over the toilet and me. I cannot breath, I can't stand to sit but I cannot stand to stand on my feet. Tissue passed big ball of skin something I can barely look. Agony, my boyfriend rushes me to the ER after about an hour and a half of pure torture. More bleeding and I can't stand the pain, contractions every two minutes or so but it feels like every second. Pass more tissue and I really can't stand to look at it. They give me a IV Saline Solution it takes a long time because I cannot sit still, I cannot control my movement. They order a Cath and a transvaginal ultrasound. My babies are officially gone. They say they are sending out my tissue for further investigation to see why I keep having these miscarriages. They give me something for pain. By the time I get the pain meds my pain has decreased a lot. What's the point now it took way too long. I go home they didn't give me a D&C yet again! Why? 
For awhile I stopped even trying and now it's February 12, 2016 and I'm not getting pregnant. My cycles are 31 days... Last month was 36 day cycle but I don't even know. I know sometimes women have a longer cycle or so I think. I don't know what to do. Sorry this is so long I just wanted to let you know what I've been though. I've always had a period. I use to get really bad cramps with my period, now ever since the miscarriages it's lighter and shorter. Also after my third miscarriage with the twins it hurt to masterbate, it felt like bad contractions but it eventually went away. I told the doctors I thought I needed a D&C and they said they looked at my uterus and all the tissue passed. I still believe I needed one, I don't feel normal. What do you think?