Birthing Decision Rant

Let me start off by saying I'm only 22 weeks, so I won't be giving birth any time soon. I was talking to my MIL about giving birth and I said that I want a c-section. I realize I can't just say I want one and then have one, but if I could have a choice in the matter, I want one. I just have no desire to give birth vaginally, but of course I will give birth that way if the baby cooperates. My MIL then proceeds to go on this long rant about how wrong I am and how no one should ever choose to have a c-section. She had one with my husband and birthed her other two children vaginally. I told her that I realize I can't just have a c-section because I want one but I wish I could. She wouldn't shut up about it for a good ten minutes. I realize that everyone has their opinions on giving birth but it's my body and my child! Her rant certainly didn't change my mind, all it did was make me angry. I like my MIL but she can be incredibly rude, she told her daughter that since she (the daughter) is overweight, she looks 6 months pregnant. Her daughter was so hurt by that comment, I told her that seeing as how I am 6 months pregnant, she doesn't look pregnant at all. This all happened yesterday and has had my blood boiling for all that time, I had to get it out.