CD3 - I had a miscarriage..

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Well, I was pregnant. But I had a miscarriage. My last test showed a faint positive but I thought it was just my eyes. Well I went to the hospital last night because I was bleeding really bad with clots. I never have clots besides maybe a few tiny ones. The doctor tested my levels & I had a low HCG level. It was 10. She did a ultrasound & confirmed I was pregnant. I had a lot of stress this month & I was in the hospital for a few days so maybe that's why. I knew I felt different this month. Can't believe I finally did get pregnant but miscarried. Trying to stay positive but after hearing that, it saddens me :( guess I'll do what I did last cycle because obviously something worked ! Lol gonna keep tracking everything. Temps, CM, cervix, OPKs, etc. & having sex every 2 days until I'm fertile! Then doing it every day. I think the having sex every day worked! Gonna make this month hot & heavy too!! 😂😂