Dick picks UPDATE

When I came home from work I was nervous. My husband was on the couch so I thought "it's now or never". I sat down and calmly stated there was something we needed to talk about. I told him how I found the pictures and I needed to know why he was taking them. He told me that since the last time he was gone and we sent pictures to each other, it turns him on to see his own penis. I was like okay, but why at work that is weird. He said sometimes he is bored at work so he will look at the pictures I have sent him and he gets turned on. He handed me his phone and said I have nothing to hide. He also agreed if he saw pictures of my body I hadn't sent him he would brink
It was fishy. Some of you may think I am being naive, but I totally believe what he said. Thank you to everyone who was supportive. I should have told him it bothered me from the moment I found them.