So I'm now on CD 31 post chemical pg, & NO signs of AF. At all. 
Since TTC and tracking my cycle lengths these past few months, I've been a pretty average 27-30 day'er, so this long cycle is messing with me. Took a hpt yesterday and it was a BFN, but it wasn't FMU nor was it a lot of urine to work with. Just took it on a whim to settle my frustrations, but obviously it didn't help since my bladder wasn't fully "prepared"! 
​I know this is probably just my body regulating itself after everything, but I'm just so frustrated and want to get back on track as soon as possible! (I'm impatient, especially since we were semi-successful and I got a "taste" of pregnancy.) I don't know if I O'ed late or even at all. For the first time I WANT AF to arrive so we can move on to the next cycle