Trying not to fall in to depression mode

Fina • Happily married 28yr old momy of 2boys!
So i posted little bit ago that i had really strong feelings that i thot this was my month! I had my period early sept and than i got it again sept 30th and ended Oct 3 AF only lasted 4days! Ive been feeling nauseated, tired more sleepy, very emotional, wana cry and than i get angry! I feel like my bodybis al out of whack! Than sat oct 18th i pretty much puked at everythinh i saw or smelled so hubby and i bout test! And it was a BFN :'( i felt crushed and extremely sad! Apart frm that hubby and i were talking and he mentioned to me about a conversation he was having with my mom little while back about her hyper thyroid made him think about me and how i been feeling/acting! He looked up some info and i took a test. I have 8 out 10 sympotoms of hypo thyroidism i have set up a dr appt so soon i wil dind out whats going on but rite now i cant help wanting to cry and just keep to myself! :( sorryfor my long rant!!