Question about home births...PLEASE READ


Just read a post about a home water birth and it made me wonder.... Firstly, this post is NOT meant to be judgemental, a debate of any sort or anything like that. It's for educational purposes only.

So, when planning a home birth what precautions are put into play in case of emergency. Like in the instance that something goes terribly wrong and you have mere minutes to save babies life, or your own. I would imagine that you have some sort of plan in effect before deciding on a home birth. Do you have a doula or midwife there with you or is it just you and hubby? How do you go about immediately warming baby and all that jazz that goes on after baby is born? How do you ensure a sterile environment? What if you tear? Who stitches you up and makes sure you don't bleed to death?

Like I said, I'm not being judgemnetal just am really curious. I plan on doing more research on it. Not because I'd ever be brave enough to do it, but I live in fear that I will go into labor when I'm home alone and end up delivering my son in my bathtub Alone. I'm 45 minutes from my hospital and my husband will take at least an hour and a half to two hours to get home to take me.

Thanks in advance for any info. This post is not to be a debate about the safety of home births or how anyone feels about them. I just have questions that I'd live answered by women who have gone through it.