I need support.

Steph • .
Ok so I've been having a lot of health issues lately. I think. Let me start from the beginning..
Out of no where a few months ago, I had a sudden onset of panic/anxiety attacks. Never had them before and started having them frequently. It was affecting my mind and daily life. 
They attacks have pretty much went away now.. But I've noticed many other issues after that. Started having chest pain. But more like my heart. I have had a pinching sensation in my heart To palpitations that keep me up at night. 
My head has been hurting just about every single day in the same spot. And I have pains going thruout my arms and legs mostly. Like in one spot  will start aching very badly. And now my boobs hurt baaaad. Sharp burning pains. Even little things worry me. 
My pinky toe was tingling for like an hour yesterday and didn't know why..
I feel like I am dying. Honestly. I've had many many more complications than what I shared with u..