Mucus plug/bloody show


I lost my plug today. It was nasty. Well went to the hospital BC of contractions a few hours later and found out I am 2-3 cm. Contractions ten mins apart and I am 70% effaced. And her head is right there. Have been in early labor for days. And have had constant diarrhea. (Tmi)

Is it normal for me to still be bleeding a little after and still have a ton of mucus coming out? Like TONS OF IT? I always just figured the plug came out and that was it. But it just keeps on coming.

Oh yeah. And they said my cervix is very thin. It was long and firm on Tuesday. She also said that BC baby is SO low that when I do go into full blown labor that I need to get the hospital as soon as possible BC she will be coming very fast.

Got off subject. Mucus plug. Anyone know what's going on.