Daily Migraines please help!!!

So I have been getting migraines daily for over a year now. My doctor wanted to run a sleep study and MRI but I got kicked off of my insurance for making $50 to much last year. Yes only $50. So I wasn't able to get those tests. The migraines never went away completely but significantly lowered for a few months but now they are worse then ever and usually twice a day. Almost always when I get off work at 11pm. I have tried almost everything to help but nothing seems to work completely. Usually a hot bath and some alive or ibeprofen will help me relax until it goes away. But lately nothing is working. I have recently seen online about an ear piercing that  apparently stops migraines. At this point I am desperate and considering this. So my question is: has anyone gotten this? Does it work? Also does anyone else have the same problem as me and what helps you? I am open to any and all advice! I just want the pain to stop!!!