My Valentine πŸ’–

It was a normal Saturday morning. My husband and I stopped at the French corner cafe to grab some pastries. We were waiting on our pastries when it happened - my water broke! I rushed to the bathroom to be sure, then told my husband it was time - baby is coming!!
We got to the hospital around 1pm where they let me labor on my own until 8pm. I walked the halls and bounced on a yoga ball for 7 hours! However I was still pretty comfy and since it had been 10 hours since my water broke, they started a little bit of pitocin. Β My body was apparently very ready for labor because it only took the pit to be turned up to 3 and I was having very regular and painful contractions.Β 
As I lost more fluid around the baby, though, the contractions became unbearable. The nurses said its the worst pain to have no fluid around baby and when you add pitocin it becomes too much. I caved and got the epidural - I was getting no rest between contractions with baby moving so much and was losing my strength physically. I really didn't want to have a c-section!Β 
The epidural was a life saver. I went from 1cm and 50% effaced to 7cm and 90% effaced in a matter of 3 hours before receiving the epidural. When I got some relief I was able to rest and labor down. At around 2am I started pushing and 2 hours later our Valentine's Day gift arrived!
Henry Nicolas Peter Seyrig
2/14/16 at 4:02am
6 pounds 8 ounces
19.5" long
Gestational age 38+4
Not what I wanted in my birthing experience (I wanted all natural) but I did what was best for my body and baby, and we are both doing fantastic!