In laws -_-

My inlaws are really getting on my nerves. My daughter is due in 2 weeks and they constantly comment on how many clothes she has and how its so unecessary and stupid. For one I haven't bought a single thing and two most are second hand.

My father in law always says "She wont give a shit what she wears she is a baby".. and get to mad when we talk about buying anything new for her. Like a cute jacket or dress.

I just wanted to vent because it is really getting on my nerves. I want my daughtet to be dressed nice and fasionable and I DO CARE about how she looks when we are out. Its the only time we get to dress them the way we want until they are old enough to tell you otherwise.

I just hate all the judgment. Its not like we are broke but I am SICK of being lectured about her beautiful wardrobe everytime they come over.. and she really doesn't have that much to begin with. Ugh!!