Am I pregnant?

So my boyfriend and I had sex during my fertile window, and on the day for the highest chance of pregnancy he let the whole load go inside without warning me. About a week after I started throwing up and getting headaches, I'm stupid tired all I can think about is napping, for some reason my feet are getting swollen, my nipples feel like they're on fire even the slightest brush feels like hell, also breaking out like crazy, in places I usually never do.  My period was supposed to be on the 24th and it usually falls on the same say every month  but yesterday I started cramping and brown stuff was coming out and a little bit of dark red, today I stop cramping and a little more dark red is coming out. Usually it's bright red at the beginning and super heavy and brown at the end but it's like backwards for me right now. Weird 🤔 anyways, do you know if this could be implantation bleeding or any possible signs or pregnancy.? Anyone who's been prego before experienced this in the beginning? Need help, freaking out.