Vaginal rash?

Ok so I'm 24 and I've never really had any problems 'down there' until recently. My boyfriend and I started having sex right around 3 months ago. About a week ago, couple days before my period we took a shower together and he thought he was doing me a favor and washed me with soap a little more than I do myself. I started itching the next day. After going back to my normal routine for a few days and really not touching anything, the itching went away. Well a couple days ago, once again, shower with my boyfriend and he fingered me and had soap on his hand. Crazy itching and discomfort again. Now I've got little red bumps around my labias and I'm more red than normal. I'm hoping its just a reaction to the soap but thoughts? Ps -  I will be getting tested to ease my mind but that's a few days away.