Feeding choices (rant. No negative comments please)

Devin • Due May 28th with Aubrynn Mae 🎀
Is anyone else getting upset with people judging your choice? I'm formula feeding for my family's own reasons. No I'm not going to try, I'm not going to do it for two weeks then switch, & no I'm not going to give you my reason. It's (to me) a personal choice and really isn't anybody's business. I went do my registry for my baby shower and when the lady was showing us around she asked what method for feeding we'd be using, I said formula and the lady sat there and basically told me I was stupid and kept trying to get me to choose breast feeding items. I almost asked for the manager. My MIL can't accept it and literally got us 6 cans of breast feeding supplement formula... She knows I'm formula feeding! I know the saying breast is best and I know the pros and cons of each. I shouldn't have to defend myself against other mothers. I don't care if your tit is pink with gold stars over it and your baby is latched on and you're uncovered! I wouldn't ever judge you because you're feeding your child... So when you see me making a bottle to give to mine, please just give me the same respect.