Nausea is no joke!!!

Emily • Due with our first on Oct 12! Can't wait for our little girls arrival! 👑🎀
Hi Ladies, so I am about 6 1/2 weeks (first pregnancy!!) and today has been a struggle to put it lightly! 
I was in tears this morning getting ready for work just wishing I could stay in bed and get more rest! But I didn't want to put the family I nanny for in a bind so I went to work! My sweet hubby helped pack my foods for the day making sure I had plenty to eat! But the problem I had all day was every time I pulled something out to eat I felt like I wanted to throw up and didn't even want to be near any food that has a smell! I'm struggling the most with these symptoms in the early morning and evenings...any tips from any of you going through something similar??