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Got my reading from Sunfairychrissy

Some one explain this a little better

Please God let this be!

valeria maez

Here you go sweetie! Again may all your dreams come true soon!

1.Β  Baby's pick-When I channeled your little girl to come in the reading she says that she VERY much loves and feels a huge connection and would love to be named either SHAYLA and or SHANNON and or THERESA.

Β She also said that one or two or all of these names will also play a BIG role in all her life.

For example one or two or all of these names could be connected to the doctor that delivers her, a close friend and or family member, someone you meet and develop a deep friendship with that acts like an aunt to her, someone that has passed that is watching over her, etc..If these names do not make sense now, than one or both will down the line.

Sign your girl will give you to show you that she is near you, loving on you tons and having a really great conversation with you-She said that she will send images of RABBITS, especially rabbits that are in BURGANDY color as that will be her favorite color. She said that the majority of the time too it will be a mommy and a baby rabbitt to represent you two. She also said that the RABBIT is her sign to you to show you she is REALLY fast with all she does from how fast she thinks on her feet to how quickly she performs a task. She also said she will send you rabbitts as those are her favorite animal and that she will have them as pets when older and also to let you know that the story BEATRICE POTTER is her favorite book..

These signs/images can happen in any way at all.Β They can pop up on news feeds, movies, books, songs, real time,etc.Β They can also happen any time during pregnancy and or before pregnancy and or could have already happened and or currently happening.Β If these signs do not make sense now, they will later.