Too much formula?? HELP

I had my boyfriend make my babies bottle for me a few minutes ago while I changed her diaper. (It's 4:30 in the morning so he's tired.) I usually fill a formula dispenser during night feeding so I don't have to measure it out while I'm half asleep. He's new to this, so he didn't know. But the formula dispenser lid was sideways so when he was pouring it in, an extra scoop went into the bottle. I didn't know until I went to put her empty bottle from the feeding on her dresser because the lid was still opened. When I saw I started panicking because 2 scoops would be for a 4 oz. bottle, and there was only 2 oz  of water in it. Obviously it was an accident, but could it harm her? I've heard of adding too much water can hurt her, but could too much formula do that too??? Please help I'm a ftm & I have no idea what to do.