spotting at 10w2d

bit of background info:
2-3 weeks into my pregnancy I started spotting which sent me into a panic. it resulted in many ER trips and frequent hcg checks along with ultrasounds fort nightly. baby thankfully turned out to be A OK and was progressing as they should, so my last ultrasound (at 7w4d) they gave me the all clear and said I don't have to come back for a ultrasound until 12 weeks. I was fine with that as by that point, I hadn't seen any spotting in over 2 weeks. after watching a movie tonight, I went to the toilet and to my surprise I noticed blood on the tissue when I wiped. it's red but I wouldn't call it that super bright red like a fresh period. it also had random streaks of that really dark blood. it surprised me as I felt absolutely no indication that it was coming (no cramps, no pain) I'm trying not to freak myself out as all my prior spotting was the same with no cramps, but I can't help but wonder why it's back? I haven't BD'd in 2 days so that's not the reason. I'd go to a doctor but it's currently 10:20pm. I'll call them tomorrow but I wanted your opinions for now? thank you