Should I be worried?

Only been with my boyfriend for nearnly 5 months now, he's always trying to show me how tough he is he will pin me down when we can, pin my hands behind my back and focus me down when I don't like something during sex, literally have to kick him or something to get him to stop, a few days ago we was watching a film he paused it and started explaining how'd he'd kick there ass, during in which he put his hands around my throat, leaving me shocked and very upset, all he did was appolagise after, kept giving me kisses, he knows all about my background with exs and just boys in general, so I'm worried because he knows I struggle letting go especially to him, which can be a downer. 
At the moment all it seems is he's playing but he's too rough he leaves bruises on me all the time, that I have to kind of cover up and hide away from my parents and can't even use self harm techniques to help prevent me from doing it, around him other wise he shouts, we've not long gone though are 2nd miscarriage so I don't know whether he's hurting me in a way because he's hurting, example of the type of bruises he leaves