I absolutely love being a stay at home mom but it kills me that I'm not bringing in any money. I have nothing to my name. My partner tries to say oh it's our money but then when I'm asking him to keep the recites (don't know how to spell it) he always says it's my money. Say something about the house or car, it's my car my money my house. It kills me. 
Why can't he understand that it hurts me? I sit at home all day with our baby. Yeah, you work all day but I never get a break. I'm the one who watches our son 24/7 I watch him during the night, feed him, bathe him. My boyfriend holds him a little bit I usually have to tell him to hold the baby. Then he'll come home and play video games. 
It's always my car, my house, my food, my money . Ugh. If I could work I would but I'd only make enough to pay for daycare! 
I just hate this. I feel like I shouldn't even be here.