Possible miscarriage ?

Nicola • Hi I`m Nicola, 34 I have 2 children 1 son 13 yrs 1 daughter 10yrs. Married for almost 4 yrs & together for 16 yrs!
Iam writing this hoping for some postive stories. I've been given a 50/50 chance and am so hoping for the best next week when I have my follow up scan. I started to bleed last wk on Friday, it's been bright red dark red and very tiny clots. No pain at all. I had a scan this wk on Monday which showed I was behind on my dates only measuring 5 1/2 wks rather than 8 wks that I thought, we see the yolk sack, baby and a heartbeat! A lot more than we thought, which gives me some hope. Anyone that has been through the same thing with postive stories would be greatly appreciated.