so I've already had my son, but throughout my entire pregnancy I had to deal with a mother in law from hell. I really don't understand why she doesn't like me ei. Always trying to compete. We had to live with his parents for a little while, while our house was getting done. She would literally walk around telling him he better be careful that the baby wasn't his she also told him he couldn't come back if he didn't get a perternity test. I was livid he and I both know it's his. I swore I wouldn't allow her near my child especially after all that. Well we had the baby and both of us are of melanin skin. The baby has very little color. She told him again as soon as she saw the baby but less than a day in the hospital the baby started to look just like him I mean the spitting image. Now she wants to be all nice and say that she always knew the baby was his and how he takes after his dad in every way (mind you my grandmother is Austrian) his hair is his dad's even though he's black his skin comes from him he is smart because of him ( breastfeeding had nothing to do with it). She just works my nerve. I really don't want her around my child considering I've already caught her calling my son "lil nigga" I don't want him to grow up thinking that's the best he can be. My husband knows how I feel about her but I know on the inside it kills him, so how should I handle this situation? (We have moved out now). Do I allow her to have a relationship with my son? When we did live there no one took the time to spend time with him.