Advice please!

I didnt know where to post this. What do I do about my parents?? bf and I have been dating for 8 months now and granted he isn't my first bf but he is the first one that I've invited to family the past I've never felt the urge to bring anyone..anyways when I bring him around my family won't talk to me or him like we are outsiders. The only person who talks to us is my younger brother. He notices this. And my mom gives him a look of disgust everytime he's around and he tries to be nice to both my parents..and she knows he's my bf yet she acts like he's not(she said she doesnt know what dating is) but she tells her friends I have a bf and I know she thinks we are complete opposite and doesn't think we are going to work but w.e..I just want to know how to get my parents to like him cause right now I dread family things and I don't even wanna go to them. And I'm 23 and he's 24.