Pregnancy hormones or valid angry mood?

So my husband went out with a couple of friends this morning to celebrate something and told me he would be home by 1pm. 1pm on the dot he text to say he is staying out a few more hours and will be home by 4pm. I got a little upset because I was waiting for him with our other 2 children at home to go out for lunch plus feeling sick with our 3rd on the way (he knows how sick I've been feeling). He then text at 5pm off his mates phone simply saying "still out.. phones flat. Be home later and *mate* is coming back to stay at ours Contact me on this phone if u need to. Love u".

Now I am fuming and feel disrespected and mugged off. Normally he is so honest with his plans and always keeps me in the loop ahead of time out of respect. I feel like he has been selfish and disrespectful.

Am I over exaggerating with these pregnancy hormones or do I have a right to be angry?