Miscarriage on Valentine's day, positive test.


We started our miscarriage on Valentine's day, unfortunately. On the 22nd my HCG levels dropped down to 91. That was 7 days ago (dropping fast.)

On the 15th we were at 284.

On the 17th we dropped to 166.

On the 22nd we were down to 91.

My question is, 7 days after being at 91, how am I pulling such BRIGHT PINK positive tests? And these are brighter than I had with levels of 284.. could I still be picking up hcg? I dont understand why im pulling brighter lines now than when I did while I had a confirmed pregnancy! Help? :)


Went in today for some blood work because of these beautiful double pink line tests. Got our blood results back, 155!! Pregnant again!! Obviously we have some worries, but 2 times in one month?? Please, please help us pray for a sticky bean and a healthy 9 months and beyond!!