In my feelings 💔 (rant)

Ok so I haven't heard or seen my BD IN ABOUT 3/4 months since thanksgiving. So this past weekend he was on my mind so I decided to try to call him to see if he was ok. By surprised he answered the phone which he hasn't or didn't since I seen him last... Found out the day after he was messing with a person that I knew the whole time we was together. But we talked this weekend and he asked to come see me but I couldn't find it in me to go see him or have him come over like he wanted. So now he's upset at me for not doing that and says I'm funni and what not... So NOW I'm just like feeling sad and down because I still kinda want to be with this man and whatnot but I can't seem to forgive him for what has happen between us. He was there from the start and then one day it just completely stop and I'm still like wtf how. I'm so confused like idk what to do I'm trynna to invite him to my last ultrasound but idk if I should