Worried about bonding


Hi all I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant with my first it was planned and I'm happy but I'm also worried. I don't feel pregnant at all I keep "window" shopping online at everything I hope to buy for my bsby except clothes as I don't know the sex until next scan at 20 weeks ( 30th of March) i have brought some bottles and steriliser as it was half price but nothing else but I just don't feel thst love I see everyone else posting about.

I am so worried I won't bond with my bsby. I have been in childcare for 13 years from baby sitting to nannying to day care to teenagers in care and I have two teenage stepson I lives with us other just moved out. I'm so worried my own bsby is just going to feel like someone else's like how I've always looked after other children.

Has anyone else experienced this feeling or fear and what happened when baby came or is anyone else feeling like this.

I'm 16 weeks had 1 scan and not got much of a bump just look fat.

Would like some advise please any comments welcome. X