Anybody experienced with contacts?

Corrective or not, they're all basically the same. So here's the thing, despite having been fairly blind for like ten years of my life, I'm super new at this contact thing. I bought a pair for Halloween, plain black ones, and I just got them both in by myself for the first time. One of them I've put on before, and it was really uncomfortable, it feels like an eyelash or something in there, and seems to move around a lot, I assumed that's just the way contacts are. But now that I'm wearing both, that one is doing the same thing, but the other feels totally natural, or I guess, doesn't feel. Is it possible for something to be wrong with a contact? I'm pretty sure it's not inside out, but I'm going to play with it a little when I take it out to see if maybe it is. I that's not the problem, what should I do?