Important lessons for girls

I'm 37 weeks today and don't know the gender of my baby. I am so excited to find out, and also nervous because I am scared of having a girl. I'm scared of being able to teach her how to be strong, how to protect her from the pressures that girls and women face in this world.. From needing to be beautiful, to also being taught to be quiet, not to ruffle feathers, all at the expense of her self worth. It's a hard world for women and I get nervous thinking that my baby is a girl, even though I so want a daughter. I try to remind myself that having a boy is equally scary because you need to teach him these same lessons regarding women, because men are part of it too, but girls are the ones who get hurt by it. 
I'd love to hear some of your thoughts on raising girls. What are some of the things you teach them? How do you go about instilling confidence and giving them a voice? How do we raise our daughters to be strong and independent and also loving and caring people?