I need to stay off FB!

Stevie • Just tested on 5/8 and I got my BFP. I`m preggo with my first !!!!
I only check FB maybe 2-3 times a day. I'm not very active on it. More like a Creeper lol. Don't post every place I'm at or every thing I'm doing, I just look at news feeds that pop up. NEVER FAILS, every time I get on FB, someone on my news feed pops up with their sonogram pic or etc. I feel so bad being bitter but OMFG I want that already !!!   AF supposed to come today & I'm brown spotting some times when I wipe. I know it's just time before she makes her full appearance . Thought for sure I had symptoms too.
​I'm just sitting here in tears . Again. Like I sat & cried in bathroom at work & now again over anoth announcement via my newsfeed. 
​I swear this will never ever happen for me :'-(    <\3