Help please!!

Kimberly • 22 years old. Wife. Teacher. Went off birth control pills in January 2016 and TTC since. Baby dust for us all! ✨
I'm trying to be patient with my body but it's so hard! Maybe some of you ladies can give me so advice or opinions. I took my last active BCP on 1/31 and started my period 2/4. Was supposed to get AF 3/3 and still nothing. I know one week late isn't that long but I had pretty regular periods before BCPs. Anyways. I have taken at home tests, FRER, wondfos and dollar store kind and all negative! I've had cramps almost daily, slight nausea but not like I'll actually throw up just sick feeling, some low back pain, lots of gas, and today I feel like my boobs are bigger but not sore. ALSO for the last 10-12 days or so I've had creamy CM everyday. Before that I did have about a week of fertile watery and/or EWCM and we did the BD a good bit. I know coming off BCP can make periods irregular at first but what about all this other stuff?? Any advice or opinions are appreciated! Also I had some light spotting towards the end of the fertile CM week