So me and my ex have been on and off for almost 4 years. we officially broke up almost exactly 2years ago and we've never officially been back together, but we continued to see each other off and on. During the times we were off, he had a baby with another girl and they basically cut all ties other than the baby. Me and him see each other almost every single day and he stays the night and we get food together, and obviously still sleep together. I have a friend that he had tried talking to during an "off time" and she knows about everything. She texted him saying that she strongly thinks that he's still in love with me and doesn't understand why he keeps hurting me. He denied it and said that he wasn't and asked why she cares and she said that she just doesn't want him to fuck it up with me because I'm a good girl. He responded by saying that we weren't made for each other so we're never getting back together. My problem is, is he denying it because he used to like her? Or do you think he means it? He's been apart of my life for almost 7years so I'm having trouble letting go. He's the ONLY person other than family that's been in my life this long. Should I give up, or should I continue to fight? When we hang out, it's like we're together. We go out on like, mini dates and are public about it most of the time and we tell each other everything.. Well. I do. I couldn't tell you if he does or not..But how can I feel so strongly and be so in love with someone that may not have any feelings for me other than lust? Ugh. Help me 😥😔